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Lady Jane’s Haircuts for Men Partners with Unique Smiles Dental to Make Local Woman’s Wish Come True

January 20, 2014; Troy MI; In April of 2013, Lady Janes Haircut’s for Men launched their own foundation, Wicked Awesome Wishes.  The foundation grants various wishes to families, children and individuals suffering from financial or health hardships.  Wicked Awesome Wishes latest wish is a partnership with Dr. Michael Herringshaw of Unique Smiles Dental in Warren, to make a local woman smile again.

“My wife and I have always wanted to start a foundation and last year we were finally able to make our dream of helping others and giving back a reality,” says Chad Johnson, founder of Wicked Awesome Wishes and Lady Jane’s.  “We have always teamed up with different foundations to support various causes in the area, but being able to personally help those that need it is a real blessing.  We love Detroit, this is where I started Lady Jane’s and LUV so it’s great to give back to the people here in the community that have supported our businesses and helped the brand grow.”

This past Christmas, Johnson teamed up with MOJO in the Morning funding their annual “Breaking and Entering” efforts granting wishes to families, schools and organizations across the metro Detroit area.  Throughout the holiday season many emails, calls and wishes were sent to Lady Jane’s asking for help.  One email, from local teacher, Jennifer Van Sickle caught Johnson’s eye and he was determined to help Jennifer and her mother.

Jennifer’s mother, Patricia, is a single mother that raised two daughters in Riverview Michigan and always put herself behind the needs of her children.   Recently, Patricia has encountered some health problems, particularly with her teeth and dental needs.  Jennifer emailed Wicked Awesome Wishes the family’s story and Johnson and his board of directors wanted to help immediately.  Chad reached out to a local dentist, Dr. Michael Herringshaw of Unique Smiles, who jumped at the opportunity to help this amazing woman get the dental help needed that would otherwise cost upward of $10,000.

This is an expense Patricia’s daughters, both school teachers, are not able to endure.

“As soon as I got the call from Chad form Lady Jane’s  and his Wicked Awesome wishes, we of course wanted to be a part of this great effort,” Dr. Herringshaw stated.  “Anytime we can help those in our community, myself and my staff are all in.  What Wicked Awesome Wishes is doing throughout the Metro area is more than awesome, hopefully  we can help out more in the future.”

Patricia will be receiving a full set of dentures from Dr. Herringshaw that will eliminate future health risks and give her the beautiful smile she’s always wanted.
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About Wicked Awesome Wishes
Mission of Wicked Awesome Wishes is to enable real people to truly experience the joy of having a wish fulfilled and finding hope, while helping others enjoy the rewards of paying it forward.  Our goal is simple: To give assistance directly to those in need. This is a true charity, established with the single intention of helping our fellow man in need.  100% of all funds we raise go directly to the people in need.

About Unique Smiles
Dr. Michael Herringshaw graduated with dual degrees in Biology and Psychology from Michigan State University. He graduated with honors from the University of Detroit Dental School. He is a member of the ADA, MDA, AACD and also a former instructor of the University of Detroit.  Dr. Herringshaw has received advanced training in occlusion, orthodontics and advanced cosmetic dentistry. Practicing at Unique Smiles Dental, a private practice which he founded in 1988, he continues to provide care to families in the Metro Detroit area.  Through his commitment to continuing education and his passion for the dental profession, Dr. Herringshaw is on the leading edge of dentistry. This helps him provide you and your family all of the benefits that modern dentistry has to offer. With over 25 years of experience and through building partnerships with local specialists in the area, Dr. Herringshaw continues to provide each and every patient with exceptional results. He takes pride in providing state-of-the-art dental care with a personable, gentle touch.