Physically Fit 4 Hoops Hosts Annual Summer Basketball and Life Skills Camp

June 11, 2013; DETROIT, MICHIGAN: Physically Fit 4 Hoops is hosting the annual “Mind, Body and Ball” youth basketball and leadership camp July 8th through July 12th at Detroit Country Day (22305 W 13 Mile Road).  The camp will run from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. and costs $180 per camper.  Deadline to register is July 5th (June 12th – July 5th all campers will receive a $60 scholarship towards the registration fee from Fit 4 Hoops).

Physically Fit 4 Hoops Basketball Camps are designed to bring out the best in youth: increased respect for sportsmanship, enhanced fundamental athletic abilities and a deeper understanding of teamwork and responsibility.   The camp is committed to providing participants with exposure to important life skills and providing support to local youth in the areas of mental fitness, nutrition, academic enrichment and community involvement as they move from elementary, middle, high school and beyond.  When available, scholarships will be awarded to eligible campers.  Additional scholarship opportunities are also offered.

“Physically Fit 4 Hoops is an organization that focuses on education both on and off the court,” said Shawn Fair, founder of the Physically Fit 4 Hoops basketball camp. “We want our kids to have a vision beyond the basketball court.  In addition to being physically fit, we want our kids to rely upon their minds before basketball or any other sport.  Each day, we have a topic for training and discussion that goes beyond the game of basketball.  If we don’t use this stage as a learning opportunity, an opportunity to focus on education, everyone loses.”

Physically Fit 4 Hoops will also expose campers to elite level sports training and conditioning programs throughout the camp such as basketball obstacle courses, timed drills, extreme ball handling drills and rigorous scrimmages.  All members of the coaching staff are NCAA certified. To donate via PayPal or for registration information, visit or contact Shawn Fair at (586)942-7856 or

About Physically Fit 4 Hoops

Physically Fit 4 Hoops was formed in October, 2008 by Lutheran East High School graduate and Former Collegiate Basketball Player Shawn Fair.  Fit 4 Hoops instills life lessons such as self-confidence and the value of self-discipline as well as providing instruction in ball handling and basketball shooting techniques.  The camp’s mission is to teach children using the most effective methods to help them succeed both on and off the basketball court.

The core philosophy of Fit 4 Hoops is C.A.R.E.S. (Community, Citizenship, Accountability, Attitude, Responsibility, Respect, Excellence, Education, Scholarship and Skills).  Physically Fit 4 Hoops is constantly looking for teachable moments to inspire both campers and parents and make the most of every opportunity.  At the beginning of the camp, campers turn in their report cards and throughout the school year, the staff of Physically Fit 4 Hoops follows their progress.  Campers will be rewarded for their continued success in school with prize incentives.

For media inquiries please contact Sherrie Handrinos at or 734-341-6859