The Top 50 Junior Tour is preparing their student athletes for the spring golf season, providing hundreds of local students with free competitive golf tournaments and the opportunity to earn college scholarships.

The Top 50 Junior Tour was launched in 2003 and has since grown and expanded across the state of Michigan as well as to Arizona and Florida. The National Golf Scholarship Association has combined efforts with the Top50 Junior Tour and Student Golfer Magazine to provide students (ages 9 to 18) with one of the most comprehensive student development programs in the country.

“This is a great program for any local students who want to improve their golf game and earn college scholarships,” said founder and PGA Golf Pro Daniel Thomas. “This is the only program that factors in their golf score, GPA and community service hours when awarding scholarships, so they don’t have to be the best golfer to be successful when participating in the tour.”

The primary goal of the NGSA and Top 50 Junior Tour is to encourage students to participate in the game of golf, enhance their golf skills and build character in the participants.  The unique format of the Top 50 Junior Tour provides students with numerous goal-oriented competitive playing opportunities, student recognition and scholarship awards for deserving students who have the desire to attend college.

There are numerous opportunities to be awarded scholarship points including tournament participation, skills challenges, community service, rules of golf exams, essays and academics.  Five out of seven seniors from the Junior Elite Training Team Class of 2013 are receiving college scholarships and playing golf at the collegiate level.

The Top 50 Junior Tour is also preparing to host its annual Junior Golf Marathon in July. The marathon is an important fundraising event to raise money for the National Golf Scholarship Association, which provides local students with thousands of rounds of free competitive tournament golf and the opportunity for hundreds of students to earn college scholarships regardless of their ability.  Currently, Top 50 is seeking partners for this large event.

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About Top 50 Junior Tour and NGSA

 The Top50 Junior Tour provides students with numerous competitive playing opportunities in several TourZones in the United States. The National Golf Scholarship Association and the Top50 Junior Tour have combined efforts to provide students with more opportunities to get recognized, earn scholarships, and play free competitive tournament golf. PGA Golf Professionals, High School Coaches, and College Coaches encourage students and their parents to learn more about the Top50 Junior Tour experience. You will discover that the Top50 Junior Tour is one of the most comprehensive student golf programs in the United States.

Under the guidance of the National Golf Scholarship Association and PGA Golf Professionals, the Top50 Junior Tour offers students numerous opportunities to develop their golf game, while also providing students the opportunity to enhance personal knowledge and build character through scholarship community service, and competitive junior golf.

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