Buffalo Bills Fullback and Team 38 “Give Back”

Since launching his new foundation in October, Buffalo Bills’ fullback Corey McIntyre has helped his Team 38 members learn valuable life lessons outside the classroom during monthly mentor and volunteer sessions. Thirty-eight students from South Park High School were chosen to participate in Team 38, and have been provided with etiquette and goal-setting sessions to help them develop into young men. For every session the students attend, they also earn scholarship dollars that can add up to $3,800 over four years.

To reward the committed members of Team 38, Corey is providing $100 Target gift cards to those who have attended 90% of his program’s sessions. Corey is surprising the boys with the present and will personally take them shopping at Target (1750 Walden Avenue, Cheektowaga, NY) on Tuesday, December 18 at 4:00 pm.

“Team 38 has been everything I hoped for and I wanted to do something special for the boys this Christmas,” McIntyre said. “They worked hard at my bowling event and have shown great dedication during the mentor sessions and I wanted to reward them for that. I can’t wait to take the boys shopping and spend some quality time with them.”

The bus taking the Team 38 members to Target will leave South Park High School (150 Southside Pkwy Buffalo, NY 14220) at 4:00 pm. Once they arrive, the boys will receive their gift cards from Corey and have one hour to shop with the Bills captain and teammates.

Team 38 was created to help young men learn valuable lessons outside of the classroom throughout their high school years while allowing them to earn scholarship dollars for each year they are involved in the program.  Each year 38 male freshman students will be selected from South Park High School to participate in the Team 38 program.

Every month, participating students will meet with Corey for a mentoring session that will have a different assignment and focus.  Sessions will range from etiquette classes to job training sessions, resume writing workshops and more.  Students will also be required to volunteer at one event per month with Corey to earn their scholarship dollars.  At the end of four years, each student will have had the chance to earn $3,800 of scholarship funds from the Corey McIntyre Foundation.

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About Team 38

Team 38 was established to provide mentoring, uncover passions and lead young men to their respective purposes.  The charity also changes the cycle of fatherlessness by providing role models for participating children.  Partnering with local school districts, the juvenile court system, churches and other nonprofit organizations, Team 38 will match a caring adult volunteer with a young man to help him map out positive steps to achieve his dream.  Through a network of community support, partnerships with local organizations, fundraising activities and training programs, Team 38 will reach, teach and equip young men with tools to positively affect their personal lives, family, community and the world.

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