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At Boost One Marketing, we help our clients with everything from social media to public relations to brand management. But one of the most important aspects of working with our clients is without a doubt their involvement with the local community. Big or small, every effort to give back to the community is always noticed!

We always encourage our clients to become as heavily involved with the local community as possible. For example, this past November, our client Happy’s Pizza hosted the 4th annual Happy’s Coats for Kids event, giving away over 4,000 coats to children in Detroit and Cleveland.

Now, not every company can afford to spend $75,000 on one event, but community efforts don’t have to be big to make an impact. Not only is the experience rewarding for the client, but the effort is appreciated and recognized by members of the media and community.

A company’s involvement with the community is always a good human interest story that can be covered by local media. Whether it’s TV, print or web, people are always interested and touched by stories about people helping people. Not only will the stories create awareness of the company’s charitable efforts and encourage the involvement of others, but they will also increase the company’s exposure to the public.

A company that is constantly seen in the public eye committing time and service to the community will receive more exposure than its competitors. This media attention serves as free advertising for the company and its mission and allows the client to have a greater chance of reaching potential consumers.

It’s important to remember that becoming involved in the community is done first and foremost to give back to those in need. But community outreach can potentially help the company just as much as the company is helping others. Through a client’s community efforts and media attention, they can actually increase their brand awareness in a way that will set them apart from competitors while touching the lives of those within the community.

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