Client Achievements – Rock the Booth

Client Achievements

Recently, one of our clients, Rock the Booth, known as “Michigan’s Photo Booth Company” was voted on the “A-List” for Best Rentals! They have already received rave reviews on wedding sites such as the and other bridal sites that rate and allow fans to vote on who they believe may be the best at their certain expertise.

Rock the Booth is such a cool concept and company, and they have a great story that I think is also heartwarming.  Mara and Tyson Navarre were prepping for their wedding and like all of us, had to go over a budget, usually the “extras” are what goes first when one is over budget for an event or wedding.  Tyson, is an IT expert by trade decided to build their OWN photo booth for the big day!

Needless to say , the booth was a hit, friends LOVED it and almost 4 years later, Tyson and Mara have a booming business that’s one of the highest rated and wanted photo booths in the Metro Detroit area!  They have been able to hire 11+ people creating jobs in a time where people are needing to get back into the work force and now they have brought the level of creativeness of their booth to another level!

Rock the Booth has fun options such as prop boxes and options to personalize your photos and they also have something called Booth Mail! You can actually go into the booth, enter your email address and your photos get sent right to your email when you’re done with the booth!

Please check them out at

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